Job Offer Form

Job Offer Form for Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII)

Thank you for your interest in offering a job to an applicant to support their immigration through Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative.  To maintain the integrity of our program, we ask that all employers fill out the following form for each job offer.

– Our company has interviewed this applicant and deem them suitable for this position. I understand that the success of the applicant in my company is not guaranteed by MCDII

– I understand that while the applicant is on closed work permit for my company, I cannot change the original contract’s particulars or job location without re-application. After the employee gains permanent residence status in Canada, they are no longer on closed work permit status.

– I declare that I have not and will not accept money from applicant for reimbursement of fees paid out, for referral or job offer, or for any other reason.

– I understand that there is no guarantee by MCDII that the applicant will arrive in any given timeframe or at all.

– I understand that, after the applicant arrives, my obligations to them (including working conditions, reviews, termination, etc.) are the same as to any other employee, according to Manitoba Employment Standards.